Снова Total Eclipse!

Янв 12

Срисовка единственного персонажа Total Eclipse, на этот раз за работой.  Доступна также футболка и прочий мерч с этим изображением на принтдиректе.

Total eclipse



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  1. Виталий /

    Even though my family and I weren t in a place to see the total eclipse, we still had a great experience. When the total eclipse happened in other places, our area dimmed to the point that the birds and bugs were tricked into thinking it was evening and the sun was going down. We stood outside and suddenly the birds stopped singing and the cicadas started and a couple of the street lights came on. There was a light breeze for just a moment. Then it reversed and the cicadas stopped and the birds again sang. It was just one of those surreal moments. What a creative God! That quote from Annie Dillard. Thank you for putting into words (again!) all the emotions from this week.

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